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Enable the wireless (Wi-Fi) on your pc & connect to "WMRtiming", make sure that your "TCP/IP" setting is set to "Obtain IP address automatically" (this is usually already set by default, so unless you have a promblem, don't worry about it).
Continue below.....

Click on "Settings" in the upper left corner of the program & then "Communication".... Continue below

Select "TCP/IP"
Then enter "" in the "IP Address" box
Then enter "50000" in the "Port Number" box
Click "OK".... Continue below

In the upper left, click on "File", Then hover over "New Result window" & select one of the options.
This will bring up another window where you can select what information you would like to see, After making your selections click on "ok". You should now be viewing live times.

You can then view additional race results bygoing back to the "New result window" & then select another option. once you have all the results you would like to watch, you can save your results layout for future use by going to "File" in the upper left & then "Save Layout..."